Bergeron improving, tragic numbers and Flames fans must be patient

Patrice Bergeron is seeing "rapid progress" in his most recent concussion. (Michael Miller/Wikimedia Commons)

Patrice Bergeron is seeing “rapid progress” in his most recent concussion. (Michael Miller/Wikimedia Commons)

The Boston Bruins received good news regarding Patrice Bergeron who has been out with a concussion since April 2 according to Joe Haggerty, a Bruins insider for CSNNE. Bergeron traveled with the team to Carolina for their game against the Hurricanes on Saturday and while it’s “very doubtful” he’ll play that game, it looks as though he is getting closer to returning. Here’s Bruins coach Claude Julien on Bergeron’s status via Haggerty:

“Bergeron will travel with us. He’s skating now and he’s better off working out with us rather than staying behind,” said Julien. “I don’t think [he’s a possibility vs. Carolina]. We’re certainly going to be cautious with him. He’s had a history of [concussions] and we’re not about to take a gamble with him at this stage of the season.”

This is Bergeron’s fourth concussion since 2007 when he missed the majority of the season thanks to a brutal hit from behind from then-Flyers defenseman Randy Jones. It took a long time, but he is now as close to normal as he can be and doesn’t need to worry about missing significant chunks of the season, and his life, thanks to a head injury. More from Haggerty:

With the sight of Bergeron on the ice and skating hard little more than a week after suffering his most recent concussion, it certainly does appear that he’s moved into a place where he can bounce back a little more normally from the type of head injury that can hold very varying degrees of recovery times.

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We’re entering the home stretch of the NHL season as every team has nine or fewer game remaining on their schedule. Teams are going to start clinching, or being eliminated from, playoff spots nearly every day now and so Puck Daddy is now keeping daily track of the tragic numbers that will show how close teams are to being eliminated.

RIght now only four teams in the Eastern Conference, the Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning and Philadelphia Flyers are given a zero percent chance to make the post season while the Buffalo Sabres have a 0.2% shot at making the dance. Meanwhile in the West, the Colorado Avalanche are the first team officially knocked out while the Calgary Flames are given a zero percent chance and the Nashville Predators have a 0.3% chance.

Check out the link to see where your team ranks and go to Puck Daddy every day for an update.

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Being a fan of the Calgary Flames has been difficult the past few seasons and former coach Brent Sutter believes it will be a few more seasons before they will see the playoffs again now that their rebuild has officially started. As much as everyone in Alberta would love to see the Flames and Edmonton Oilers become contenders once again, it’s going to take a while. Here’s Sutter via Scott Fisher of the Calgary Sun.

“There’s not a bigger fan for sports in our province than I am,” Sutter said. “I want to see both these NHL teams — the Flames and the Oilers — do well because it enhances everything and it’s our culture.

“But in Calgary, there’s not a quick fix. There’s just not. And anybody who knows the game, knows that.

“Everybody wants it now. But it just doesn’t happen that way. It’s going to take some time.”

Unfortunately Sutter, like everyone else except for Flames management, saw this predicament coming years ago thanks to a lack of young talent.

“It’s not something that just happened,” Sutter said of the Flames bottoming out.

“At the start of the year, everyone is excited. There’s a new coaching staff. But reality hits. And it hit.

“But it’s something that has been building for awhile now.”

The Flames have been giving their young players plenty of ice-time over the past week.

It’s an approach that can often spark the veterans as well.

“If you look at last year, the best hockey we played was when we had a bunch of injuries and brought those young kids in,” Sutter said.

“Those young players flourished, but they brought the Jaromes and the Tangs and the Cammalleris to another level because there was more on their shoulders, and there was excitement.”


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