Hockey world takes to Twitter to remember the Lokomotiv tragedy

By: Tim Kolupanowich, Executive Editor


Nobody has to be reminded what happened a year ago. The crash that killed every member of the Kontinental League’s Yaroslavl Lokomotiv rocked the hockey world with the worst tragedy in the sport’s history. As fans, we all tend to lose sight of the fact these are just ordinary people, many with families, who were just trying to live their dream. You can work your whole life and never get a sniff at the professional game; that a whole team can be taken away in such horrifying fashion that all other issues, even a lockout, pale in comparison to real problems.

Of course this is just a fraction of the tweets, there’s not nearly enough room here to cover what everyone is saying. You can view all the tweets that mention Lokomotiv here.

Here’s a message from the official Love For Lokomotiv account. You can check it out to show your support and for information on where you can get the Love For Lokomotiv bracelets which are sold to raise money for the players’ families

The official twitter accounts of nearly every team and league had something to say. Even if they were never associated with a player on Lokomotiv, they were all part of the same family.


Many media members worked with the players, at least those who were in North America at one point. When hockey is your job as well as your hobby, it’s going to be difficult to get over a tragedy like this one.


And of course, many players were teammates of the fallen, a bond that remains long after two players part ways. Players past and present got to know some of the Lokomotiv on a personal level the fans and even media will never know and likely felt the losses harder than anyone other than their families.



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